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All funds go to furthering the mission of infant and toddler oral health.

About pOHP

Program Overview- For Providers

Once you log in you will find the following tools:


    • An overview audio session on how to use the various components of the website’s login section
    • A training video for primary health care providers focused on principles of oral health during pregnancy (18 minutes)
    • A training video for the dental team focused on specifics of dental treatment for pregnant women (14 minutes)
    • Guidelines for implementing pOHP© into primary prenatal medical and dental practices
    • Two- hour continuing education credit for all health care providers

    • Forms for clinical use: Referral Form (prenatal provider to dentist) and Follow up Report Card Form (dentist to prenatal provider)
    • Customized Oral Health Report Card

    • Periodicity table that walks providers through the various stages of pregnancy and outlines relevant prenatal and oral health messaging
    • Resources to relevant policies, guidelines, and emerging literature in the field
    • News Updates

What’s next?

We are excited to have you implement pOHP© in your practice and to become a part of this important movement. All materials are “tablet friendly” and can be used directly with patients for educational purposes. Incorporating pOHP© into your practice can help establish oral health values during a time when women are most susceptible to messaging. In turn, mothers can serve as a positive influence on the oral health of their entire family.